Ian Siegal


Ian Siegal is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, bandleader and recording artist whose music encompasses Blues and Americana. Born near Portsmouth in England, he dropped out of art college in the late 1980s and went busking in Germany. He has toured in the UK and all over Europe.


The Dora's

The Dora's is a live electronic duo existing of Cecylia Dorotha Fenrych and Eva Dorothé Aukes. Cecylia and Eva have been immersed in classical music for most of their lives. Their musical journey together began in Amsterdam in 2014. In their creations they have wandered off from the path of traditional instrumental music to explore the sounds of live electronics. The blend of guitar and viola with live electronics and singing-bowls results in a colorful mix of ambient, psychedelic, experimental and hypnotizing sounds. Inspired by an extensive range of artists (from classical to electropop and a lot of things in between), their compositions are a naturally shaped reflection on existing music merged with original material.

Anne-Linde van de Veen

Anne-Linde makes a new form of Dutch music. It lies between pop, cabaret and world music. She's not sure yet where to find a listening audience and wonders if the dream world in which she writes songs is a universal feeling that can also take other people into it.

Waxing Crescent

Waxing Crescent is a collaborative progressive death metal project with hugely prevalent experimental and melodic elements.

Warning: This is mega brutal, and we loved it!


Circus Rens & The Meatballs (live at Café Rocks)

Circus Rens is an amazing night out! Rens Ouburg and his band members create a party that's unique and fun to watch! They tour all over the Netherlands and beyond and with a lot of fun they made a pitstop at Thunder Road. Circus Rens rocked the stage at Café Rocks and made sure to leave an impact! Check the video for evidence!

The Fortunate Sons (live at Café Rocks)

The Fortunate Sons know like no-one else how to bring back the vibes and the feelings of the sixties and seventies when it comes to the music. They are a tribute of C.C.R. like no other! Singer and guitarist Toon Eppink has a wild and amazing voice that is extremely close to John Fogery's voice. Many people have crowned Toon to be the "Dutch John Fogerty". With their swinging rhythm section it can only be a party listening to the amazing tunes of Creedence Clearwater Revival.


Isabelle Wolff

"A young, special and very talented singer with beautiful songs." Lulo Reinhardt. Isabelle Wolff makes a cross-over between gipsy jazz and pop music. As a German Caro Emerald she sings and scats about different shapes of love and sex and everything in between.


Jansen & De Vries


Jansen & de Vries, two messed up white boys from the east- and southside. They decided to get together after some messin’ around in other bands and knock out that good ‘ole hipshaking music from the 1940’s and 50’s. Come on down y'all and have a taste of that nice’n’sweet stuff while it’s still hot. Don’t worry if you’re left wanting for more, there’s still plenty where that came from!

Gun Baby Gun


Gun Baby Gun is an acoustic country and Americana trio. With the three of them they play a mix of classics and modern country radio hits. GBG is making you feel like sitting with a warm drink next to a bonfire while you're listening to some music and the chatter and stories of friends.

Joey van Gelden


Joey Van Gelden's first passion in life is making music, a lot of it! Over the years he gained quite some instruments and the accompanying skills which resulted in a panel of musical colors. Joey played his part in several bands over the past few years and had a solo act next to it as well but focused his view more on producing lately. In the year 2021 there will be more of Joey coming out as he has been a busy working on his next project.

The Sugar Bastards


The Sugar Bastards are an Enschede based bluegrass power trio. Their own songs and sound vary from folk and country blues 'till ragtime and gospel. Formerly known as "The Charles Darwin Selection", the band made quite a name for itself playing on national television, radio shows and doing a lot of live performances over the years.